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Security is the major concern, whatever the area in which it is placed. This is particularly true for IT, which, for years, is becoming increasingly important in the operation of a business. No one can do without it. CIOs and heads of IT security specifically, face multiple challenges in terms of efficiency of security programs The big news of the ICT (BYOD *, Cloud, mobile applications) lead each new security risks.

In a recent report, Morocco is ranked 49th worldwide in countries at risk for Internet security and 3rd at the African level, the risk of a virtual attack is very real. SMEs are the first targets of cyber attackers, so, Morocco spends 30 million dirhams each year for the antivirus! Most of what topics will be discussed at IT Security Convention Maghreb, through specific lectures by experts market (organizations, associations and industry professionals) can be followed among others :

  • Security, mobile strategy.
  • How to optimize, secure e-commerce infrastructure!
  • Security in Cloud providers reality.
  • Protection and network security solutions.
  • Location and anti virus market in Morocco.
  • Cybercrime, protection for whom and at what price.
  • Backup and data protection.
  • New trends in Big Data & Cyber Security.
  • Secure your mobile application access to your corporate network.
  • How to deal with new security threats.
  • Datacenter and Cloud: Improve the security of your infrastructure

*BYOD (short for "Bring your own device ':' Bring your own device '; in French: PAP, short for" Take your personal devices "1 or WITH abbreviation of" Bring your own communication equipment "2) is a practice of using personal devices (phone, laptop, tablet) in a professional context. This practice raises questions relating to information security and data protection, as well as social and legal.

According to a study by an independent research firm, in 2013, 71% of employees surveyed would use professionally non-solutions made available by their company.

Due to the lack of control, the BYOD approach is generally considered risky by companies who prefer the COPE approach (short for Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) or "company property with access private "to control and administer the terminals within the corporate IT policy.

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