Direction Letter


Human resource's wealth of a business is a growth vector. Innovation is not the case of the business man or the owner only, but it's the case of the rest of employees as well who make up the company to become innovative, attractive,it means to create a state of mind: moving from the creation to creativity in all business areas.
We must never forget that the human resources wealth of a company, associated with technologies, is a vector of growth.
The value of a company and its ability to innovate are of course its products, market shares and especially its intangible values. This is an important part of recovery.

  • The innovation is to look constantly on the market and its needs. Do ¬† not remain inactive and say that there is nothing to do to resolve these situations. Either ¬† way, new emerging technologies will lead to a whole new redistribution of ¬† cards witch is of course a good thing for those who work hard.
  • Do not confuse research and innovation.
    Research is researchers business but innovation concerns entrepreneurs. Of course, the technology is used, the research but innovation is to sell and find markets to commercialize this technology.
  • When we talk about growth through innovation, or innovation as a lever to grow, the first thing to do is try to see what resources can be allocated this innovation.
  • There is therefore a huge untapped potential to better support ¬† trades. For example in big or medium distributions, an opening of a ¬† new store can not be done today without SI. This is a very important challenge ¬† for the future in terms of innovation: the IT glue closely to the business strategies, that is to say, to understand how innovation can facilitate the strategy defined by the company (geographic expansion, functional expansion, cost variability ...).

This is precisely the value of Netover Group which has made possible the   modernization of SI for these companies lights, and accompanied in the research and development of other businesses to meet their specific needs in Information Systems: This is the Mobile Computing and Embedded Computing.

Signed : Ahmed TAZI
General Director