Since the early 80s, an increasing number of SMEs team of IT tools in order to expedite the processing and circulation of information and the reliability of the data of the company.

These devices were initially sent to sedentary populations, before touching certain nomadic populations through the emergence of networks and the Internet. The use of telephone jacks in hotels, Internet connection available in the Internet cafes have done much for this movement.

Today, the availability of wireless access technologies such as GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) or Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) open new opportunities for nomads, who thus have "more strings attached" ...

At first, the mobile computing solutions marketed concern access to email, calendar and contacts via a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) or mobile phone.

Horizontal, these applications have a real interest in large firms in which the use of the mails and the shared calendar is widespread ...
Indeed, it is now essential that a leader continuous access during his travels, his e-mails.

In contrast, and as well as large companies, SME needs are more specifically oriented towards specific vertical mobile applications say "job", which are adapted to their working methods and to provide employees nomads real productivity gains. This is for applications monitoring missions. The principle is simple! Are sent from the system dispatches of the company, to conduct missions to mobile computing systems (PDA terminal.) nomadic employees. In return, the employee performs nomadic sending a report, once the mission is completed. This system has many application areas such as:

  • Tracking shipments to carriers (delivery management in real time).
  • Tracking packages for couriers.
  • Monitoring of interventions for maintenance technicians with customer history, the list of interventions, stock parts, but also the security guards.
  • Tracking people as paramedics, drivers travel agencies, bus companies.
  • Monitoring visits, etc..

Applications are also available for business by providing access to management planning, monitoring customer file, inventory, purchase commands

Seen, the diversity of applications concerns many companies. for they, after identifying their specific needs, the greatest difficulty will be to find partners who can answer their problems. Indeed, today in Morocco, on the market of mobile computing, mobile operator not only the ability to respond to the needs of its customers. It occurs mainly the mobile access part: providing access GPRS / Wi-Fi devices (PDAs communicating, i-mode phones.). It should then work with IT companies that support the whole "software integration" part.

Thus, when purchasing mobile applications, SMEs should expect to find face several contacts (mobile operator, software development company.) each with their part of the solution they need to assemble.